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Ivy Elite Programs and Services

Ashley Nash, MS, CLC, BRA


Reaching our youth and youth adults through weekly workshops according to Social and Personal Etiquette, Life Sills, Social Skills, Personal Skills, Anger Management, Self-Esteem Awareness, Bullying Awareness, Healthy Life Style and Fitness Workshops, Cultural Awareness and Events, Leadership, Team Building

Mentoring Monthly Cost: 



Provide individual and group tutoring to K-12 and our collegiate students in college algebra, precalculus, psychology, and sociology. 

Elite Scholars Academy

A middle and high school, honor society and social etiquette program in the State of Louisiana. The 12-month program is designed to engaged our youth effectively and efficiently in the areas personally, academically, socially, and mentally to equip them for today's society. 

Performing Arts 

Provide coaching to individuals that focuses on the future personal, social, and emotional welling through dance and theatre. A process to create change and help individuals arrive at their own solutions.

Collegiate Alliance

Keeping our collegiate women encouraged, informed, productive, and engaged through empowerment and mentoring.

   Open to College Students ONLY!!

Professional Development Trainings

It's time to thrive. If you're open to growth it will come. We collaborate with schools, businesses, and organizations to help them achieve their goals, become more skilled managers/leaders, find specific workplace-related solutions, increase their effectiveness, build greater trust and respect with others and avoid burnout, stagnation, and boredom.

Available Individual, 

Business, or School