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The Elite Scholar’s Academy 

The Elite Scholar's Academy is a Louisiana state based honor society program, being offered to young ladies and gentlemen in the State of Louisiana. The tradition dates back 400 years when Elizabeth I began the custom of presenting a court to society. Elizabeth II ended the practice after the last presentation in 1958, but by then the custom had made its way to the United States where it remains family entrenched particularly in the South. The Elite Scholar’s Academy's Royal Belles and Beaus has sponsored beautillion- programs since 2010. 

Ivy Elite is also seeking to award scholarships through select schools and the Beautillion-Cotillion Program. Funding for the scholarships and program components will come from individual ticket sales, corporate sponsors and donations. The young ladies and gentlemen participating in this ball will begin meeting each August and participate in a selection of weekly workshops, special events, and community service projects. The young ladies and gentlemen will discuss topics such as grooming and etiquette. The Royal Belle & Beau Program will consist of academic achievement components; provide scholarship towards their higher education; and promote servant leadership through volunteerism and community service. This Debutante program will promote high ethical standards, character development, good citizenship and social graces during the formative years. The program will also promote camaraderie and positive relationships with other young men and women. Lastly, the program will promote artistic expression and health through dance and movement.

The program objectives are achieved through a 9-month curriculum consisting of educational workshops, activities, community service projects and rehearsals. The debutantes and beaus must complete a detailed application packet; interview and must be recommended by a distinguished member of the community or sponsored by a leader in the community. Qualifying  Royal Belles and Beaus will be high school 11th and 12th grade students and the event/ball will be a formal event. The Debutantes and Beaus will wear white formal dresses, and the beaus will wear tuxedos with tails. All participating debutantes and beaus will learn to ballroom dance. The Ivy Elite Beautillion-Cotillion will be the culmination of all the training, workshops and community service projects.